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Royalty-free & DMCA-safe music for your live stream

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All free, no commitments!

Feel free to download our copyright free tracks and use them for your video content! No payment, no commitments. Although we do appreciate a credit or two!

Hip Hop

What is Grooves by Gamecaster? Copyright-free music for streamers!

Grooves is a library of free music that can be used as background audio for Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming live streams. With our 150 copyright-free tracks, you can safely add some quality music made for gaming to your live streams without the fear of getting your stream muted, VODs deleted or even worse, a copyright strike and takedown. We’ve worked with local professional publishers in the industry to bring a high standard of quality music to your live stream to ensure your streams are both entertaining and safe! There is nothing worse than seeing your hard work and hours put into creating entertainment content for all of it just to be rendered unusable because you had the wrong music playing.

What is DMCA/Copyright strike?

To keep it simple, you are not allowed to play music on stream that you do not own the rights to. In most cases, the music you listen to on Spotify or other streaming services is under copyright and therefore, you do not have the right to play it on stream. Yes, even if you pay a monthly subscription to Spotify. Your subscription entitles you to play songs for yourself, but you do not have the right to share it publicly. Record labels and artists have every legal right to put a copyright strike on your channel if you use songs you do not have permission to. Only copyright-free music is safe for your Twitch streams.

So, what do you risk as a streamer?

Because you are streaming content on a public platform you do not have the right to, streaming platforms are also under threat of legal action, and therefore are proactively working on tools to take down audio breaking DMCA terms on streams and VODs. So what does that look like for streamers on each platform?


Currently Twitch have been muting your recent broadcasts for the portions that aren’t using copyright-free music. This means that if you’re bopping the latest Drake album on your stream, it is very likely if you check your VODs that a majority of it is muted, therefore resulting in a useless video. They have also recently released a tool to facilitate takedowns, so we expect more and more live streams to be taken down (yes, even while live!) as time goes on. Even the biggest streamers have had to take down a big chunk of their past content and make sure they don’t break the rules, because after 3 strikes, you could be banned permanently.


There has been a long history on YouTube with takedown strikes. Many content creators have seen monetization options revoked on specific videos or had their channels deactivated entirely. There is nothing worse than recording content, spending hours editing it, and then seeing your work go to waste all because you used a track you like.


In the last year, Facebook have taken a very proactive approach to detecting if you have copyright-free music playing on your live stream. In some cases, Facebook have taken immediate action and stopped active live streams, even with game music. Now Facebook have announced a Sound Collection platform for some Level Up Partners but the majority of streamers on Facebook are not part of this initiative, and therefore should avoid any music on stream, unless you are absolutely certain you have the right to do so.

Given how platforms have increased their efforts in taking down music on streams over the last year, we can only presume things will get worse before they get better, hence we strongly recommend you do not play any popular tunes on stream!

But I really want music on my stream! 😭

We understand music is an important layer in creating an entertaining and welcoming stream for viewers! We've worked hard to bring you some copyright-free tracks for your streams, whether that be Twitch, YouTube or Facebook. We currently have 150 DMCA-safe tracks for your gaming streams with playlists in EDM, Hip Hop and Lo-Fi. You’ll never have to worry about your streams or VODs being taken down again! Check out Grooves by Gamecaster right now, it’s all free and available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and all major streaming platforms.

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