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We are a team of veterans in the live streaming industry, dedicated in making live game streaming even more accessible.

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Our Story

We are a team of veterans in the live streaming industry, dedicated towards growing the industry by making live game streaming even more accessible, and helping to build up the next generation of apps and content creators in the space.

Through our wealth of experience, connections and partnerships in the industry, we have built Gamecaster: not just the best and easiest application for getting started with streaming on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube, but also a comprehensive platform to get discovered as a new streamer, and finding ways to monetize your content.

Gamecaster started as part of the XSplit brand of software but soon grew to take on an identity of its own, and now stands as the ultimate next-generation solution for aspiring live gaming content creators.

Our Vision

Every month, millions of people get started on their journey to create live gaming videos on popular sites like Twitch, Facebook and Youtube.

However, only few successfully make their way through the maze of complex streaming apps, getting and growing an audience and monetizing their passion.

We are here to change that!

Our core values are inclusivity and collaboration. We believe that anyone can become a successful content creator with the right tools and guidance, and we believe that the only way to keep the industry growing, is not by creating walled gardens, but by creating free interconnected communities that reach across everyone passionate about gaming, regardless of platforms and preferences.

Meet the Team

We are a diverse team operating out of Southeast Asia, united by our shared passion for everything gaming and streaming, and the rich global culture and community that has grown around it.

a photo of Andreas

Andreas Hoye

Chief Executive Officer

a photo of Jon

Jon Young

Chief Operating Officer

a photo of Sam

Samantha Cruz

Lead Designer and Web Developer

a photo of Miguel

Miguel Molina

Technical Product Manager

a photo of Tom

Tom Mosey

Ops and API Dev

a photo of Kenji

Kenji Ratier

Community and Growth

a photo of Len

Len Tabi

Media Designer

a photo of JC

John Carlo De Guzman

App Developer

a photo of Light

Light Lagon

App Developer

a photo of Jomi

Jose Miranda III

App Developer

a photo of Mikey

Mikey Bautista

Technical Support Engineer Lead

a photo of Xein

Sharmaine Barrios

Marketing Executive / Campaign Manager

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