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Control your live stream from your mobile phone

Turn your phone into a remote control for Gamecaster! Switch scenes and manage your studio all from your fingertips!

Less hotkeys to worry about
Gamecaster Remote mobile app
Start/Stop Streaming on the fly
Worry about alt-tabbing no longer! You can start and stop your stream from a simple tap on your phone.
Easy Scene Switching
Never accidentally mute your mic again! Switch to your next scene with a quick tap.
Toggle Audio and Camera
Take control over your microphone, audio and webcam! Never have an embarrassing moment on your live stream again!
Synced in just a few steps
On your PC, open Gamecaster and click on Gamecaster Remote under "My Account". Scan the QR code and you'll be in full control! It's that easy.
Gamecaster Desktop Settings on the Remote tab