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If you’re asking yourself how to stream on Twitch, look no further! Optimized for performance, a library of overlays and alerts, and the most beginner-friendly experience

How to start live streaming on twitch



Gamecaster is 100% freepogchamp!Log in with your twitch account and automatically show your chat and alerts when live.

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Our tutorial will walk you through how to add your gameplay, webcam and microphone aka the holy trinity of streaming. For console gameplay, you will need to use a capture card.

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Connect your twitch account and press that stream button, and ta-dah, you're live!

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Everything you need

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Alt-tab no more

Monitor twitch chat and events without leaving your game thanks to our in-game HUD so you never miss a thing, even when you’re in the middle of a 1v5 clutch situation.

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Customizable overlays

All of our Themes come with beautiful alerts for your followers, subscribers, hosts, and all the rest. Feeling creative? Customize your overlay entirely to your liking!

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High quality, low CPU

We optimize your stream’s quality to ensure only the best results, without putting any hit on your in-game frames. HOT DAMN.

Level up your stream

Monetize your content

Invite your community to support your passion through donations and tips (we don’t take a cut!), and for all your hard work and hours, earn some deserved referral revenue through our partner affiliate network.

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Rewards along the way

It doesn’t all have to be hard work! Earn Achievements throughout your journey and push yourself further than you have before. And for all you trophy hunters out there, glhf friends!

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Discovered and be discovered

Once you’re finished streaming for the day, catch up with other Gamecaster streamers in the Discovery platform. Find like-minded streamers and become a backseat gamer in chat, ask for advice, and help each other grow!

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Ready to stream?

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